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CIVITA DI BAGNOREGIO - Civita di Bagnoregio is a town of Viterbo province in Central Italy, a frazione of the comune of Bagnoregio, 2 km (about 1 mile) W. It is about 145 km (90 mi) north of Rome. It was founded by Etruscans over twenty-five hundred years ago, has seen its population dwindle to just fifteen residents over the course of the 20th century, and has only recently been experiencing a tourist revival, due in great measure to the American travel guide Rick Steves who popularized it in the 1990s. The town is noted for its striking position atop a plateau of friable volcanic tufa overlooking the Tiber river valley, in constant danger of destruction as its edges fall off, leaving the buildings built on the plateau to crumble. As of 2004, there are plans to reinforce the plateau with steel rods to prevent further geological damage. The city is also much admired for its architecture, some spanning several thousand years. Civita di Bagnoregio owes much of its unaltered condition to its relative isolation: the town was able to withstand most intrusions of modernity as well as the destruction wrought by two world wars.

ORVIETO is situated in the centre of Italy, on the borders between Umbria, to which it belongs, Tuscany and Latium. Built on top of a steep cliff of tuff, it has always been a majestic and fascinating city. Its strong points are, indeed, its central position and the fact that it is a small city of art on a human scale. It has been one of the most important Etruscan cities. The Middle Ages and the Renaissance have determined the city most salient characteristics. Everything in Orvieto takes back to a past that can be read everywhere, protected and enhanced thanks to the recovery and restoration works of the recent years.

VITERBO - is still today enclosed from powerful walls in lava stone whose construction is begun in 1095 and completed in 1268. They are high beyond ten meters, with towers very conserved and still intact medieval doors; the nucleus of Viterbo has maintained medieval aspect in particular in the Quarter of Saint Pellegrino, with palaces and towers of XIII century. Monumental complex important of the City of Viterbo is undoubtedly the papal palace on the hill of the dome that represents great testimony of gotic architecture, with double lancet windows, merlons, arches; it is adorned from a splendid one loggia supported from once, while the public square is completed from the cathedral with rinascimentale facade and its beautiful old bell tower. Most famous they are also the numerous fontanas at particular form, that they adorn to the roads and the Public squares of the City of Viterbo Italy, going back for more to the same period. Other important monuments to Viterbo Italy are the rocca Albornoz,Center of the national museum and the saint church maria of the truth,to the whose flank is the civic museum, with important testimonies of The history of the City of Viterbo Italy; then palace farnese, chigi, of the PodestÓ and the common one, with its high tower very 44 meters. In the outskirtses of Viterbo Italy the church of s.maria of the oak, Harmonious rinascimentale construction, the villa lante di bagnaia, Designed from the vignola, the ruins roman of ferento and those Etruscans of castel d'Asso are found.